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The Art of Collecting ..



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jag deltar med mina verk "URBAN RABBITS"

Press release 

//6Tallinn 6th Applied Art Triennial


“The Art of Collecting” 23 November 2012 – 3 February 2013 at the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design

Tallinn Applied Art Triennial will present works of 73 artists from 22 countries – from Europe to Asia and New Zealand. In addition to the main exhibition there are three satellite exhibitions at different venues in Tallinn, seminar, workshops and lectures.

The triennial’s current theme „The Art of Collecting“ has been developed by the Swedish curator and art critic Love Jönsson who has focused on analysing international design and applied arts. The theme inspires artists to present all kinds of different approaches to collecting. The triennial received applications from 515 artists from 43 countries. The jury has selected 73 artists from 22 countries to present their works at the main exhibition.

In addition to the main show the satellite programme includes three exhibitions: „70 Cotton Smocks“ – the opening performance of the triennial by fashion artist Marit Ilison, to be presented during the main exhibition in the Staircase Gallery of the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design„Art of Collecting, Art of Sharing“ by design master students of the Estonian Academy of Arts from 23 November 2012 to 3 February 2013 in Museum of Occupations and “Corpus Container” – Steinbeisser presents a cooperation project by jewellery groups OTSE! (EST) and A5 (SWE) in Hop Gallery 24 November to 11 December 2012.

The curator Love Jönsson: “Collecting is a human activity that does not cease to fascinate. Anything can be an object for collecting, from worn-out everyday utensils to the most desirable works of art. We collect things as a pastime, as a mission in life, or just because we can’t help it.”

The goal of the Tallinn Applied Art Triennial is to offer a new, topical and unexpected focus, which will serve to help examine contemporary applied art and design practices on as broad a scale as possible. As an international art event, the Triennial enlivens and refreshes the local art scene as well.

Every triennial uses a new format and has a new theme. In addition to the main exhibition, there is a multitude of other events created in the hopes of unravelling and illustrating the theme.

For programme see:
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