Thursday, May 30, 2013

Monday, May 13, 2013

YES! to colours!

At Sintra in Gothenburg you can find some of my colorful ceramic collections  and other wonderful things that my colleagues have made, visit the webpage SINTRA 

The last day and the begining of a new one...ops! that's deep...huuu..hiii..

The last day of my Exhibition at Lerverk in Gothenburg and the first day of my sister Helena's  and her friend Camilla's  exhibition at Konstepedimien/Pannrummet 

Konstnär: Christina Roos

Helena Roos och Camilla Engman

Verk av Helena Roos och Camilla Engman i Pannrummet.

The Artists Camilla and Helena.

Skogen, lusten, yxan, drömmen, livet, djuren, sorgen, kärleken.
Nu är vi här, samtidigt har vi ett förflutet som vi inte delar och vi delar ett förflutet som vi inte har.

Camilla Engman (-66). Boende och verksam i Göteborg. Senaste separatutställning på Galleri 1, 2012, i Göteborg.
Helena Roos (-68). Boende och verksam i Göteborg. Senaste separatutställning på Teckningsmuseet, 2012, i Laholm.

 some small captures of the show 

 My cute sister and her daughter Pepita

Photography; Olle Söderström(my son)

For you that didn't have the possibility to visit my small exhibition at Lerverk are some goodies..

 And next time we meet at Sintra.... The Summershow! 

Before I leave for Canada in August I'm finishing my artwork of Commission at Brunnsboskolan / The Elementary School at Brunnsbo in The Hisingen Island/Gothenburg.

This summer I'm happy to be one of nearly 80 participating artist living in the area of Islands outside Gothenburg " The ten Island Community" Konstvågen/Artwave.

This is a "visit the artist at home show" Art-walk.

Then I leave for Canada for my new Expat Experiences! ..but I am back in September again to have a Exhibition in the Gallery at the local Library here at Öckerö Island!

So I'm going back and forth for a while..