Monday, September 23, 2013

Paper clay and glaces

testing.. testing

structures and glaces in paper clay/porcelain 

Samples of tryouts..  

Friday, September 13, 2013

ARTSHOW at ÖCKERÖ Library and Exhibitionhall

... and very soon some pictures...

Utsmyckning /commission Brunnsboskolan Hisingen 2013 Brunnsbo Junior High and Elementary in Hisingen / Gothenburg

This summer I finished a Commission to Brunnsbo School / Elementary and Junior High 

KonstVÅG /Art Walk in the 10 beautiful Islands in Öckerö Archipelago 2013

Each year the second weekend in August there is a Art walk i our community The Art wave we call it.
80 artists living on The Ten Island of Öckerö Archipelago have art shows in their homes.
A lot of visitors from Gothenburg and nearby places, This year I had about 100 visitors a day under this weekend.

My daughter and her friends had a marvelous Cafe and a lot of goodies . And of cause I  had my show!

Take a peek!